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Auto Chasing Machine


Suitable for chasing of circumferential grooves on CTC Rollers upto 13″ Dia., fitted with heavy duty tool-post & tailstock, coolant pump etc. complete in all respects as per our standard design and specifications including electrical.

Salient Features of Auto Chasing Machine

Well reinforced of mild steel construction of bed assembly will guarantee vibration-free performance.

Specially designed head-stock assembly with helical gears that are case hardened and grounded to 50 +/-5 HRC. Negligible mechanical wear and tear for continuous and long-lasting operation.

Fully automatic electro-mechanical operation – the semi-skilled operator is adequate to handle this equipment.

Chrome-plated linear guides ensure accurate, rust-free stable, and smooth linear guidance to the cross slide and tool post-movement; hence, re-carrying maintenance costs are very low.

A chrome-plated ball screw is used for cross slide movement and precision tool post indexing. This ensures maximum mechanical efficiency.

Lack of sliding friction between nut and screw extends the screw assembly’s life span, especially in the no-backlash system.

The ball screw position has been strategically positioned to ensure zero iron chips are falling on the ball screw. This reduces the maintenance of the ball screw nut and the demand for lubrication.

This feature is exclusively conceived and designed by Gem R&D experts. The electromechanical device controls tool engagement and disengagement. This feature guarantees correct chasing behavior.

The automatic lubrication system is built and ensures smooth operation and less wear and tear to the moving parts.

An accurate tool position indicator is available for the initial tool setting.

Manual intervention is eliminated to save man-hours and avoiding repetition of a chaser alignment setting.

The automatic setting of chasing depth can be ensured.

The flexibility of holding the different sizes of Rollers. The machine can be used for 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″. And Overall measurements of the machine – 3000 mm (length), 1300 mm (width), 1600 mm (height).

Motorised Lubrication Units: Motorised lubrication units are electric motor driven pumps along with reservoir, pressure relief valve, bleed valve, etc. and are suitable for single-shot automatic lubrication. These motorised lubrication units are to be run intermittently with metering cartridges for liquid grease distribution.

Standard Ball Screw– Low Noise (5-7 DB lower than external recirculation series). High acceleration and deceleration Space-saving and lightweight.

Technical Specification of Auto Chasing Machine

Overall Dimension Description




Centre height

Width of bed

Length of Bed

Actual Size


2840 mm

1470 mm

1025 mm

350 mm

2090 mm

Sharpening Specification Helical Grooves

CTC roller length sizes

CTC roller Diameter


52″ Maximum


Speed & Feed Forward – Range Reverse

Cutter drive speed

1 – 5 mm/sec 3

– 19 mm / sec

96 RPM

Power Requirement Traverse

Milling Cutter

Coolant Pump

2 HP

1 HP

0.13 HP


Dial Indicator with magnetic stand

Roller Holding Collar for 3 wheel support

Travelling Inspection Lamp

Replaceable slide rails


Hard chromed test bar



Client Choice



10″ x 4 jaw


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