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Infrastructure and R&D


The GEM Group has the desired technical expertise and the ability to undertake works for forgings, castings, fabrication as well as precision machine works. Apart from conventional machines like the Hydraulic Surface Grinding machines, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Slotting Machines, etc. GEM also has such highly precision machines as the CNC Vertical Machining Centre and the CNC Turning Centre to adhere to the stringent quality and precise measurement standard requirements for the Defence and the Automotive Industries. These computerized machines enable round-the-clock production allowing optimum utilization of resources resulting in the ultimate benefit to the consumer with decreased prices.

Our design sector is well equipped with the latest CAD/CAM software to enable better integration with our clients and to prevent any post-manufacturing difficulties. We also manufacture components as per the drawings and specifications of our clients. With its relatively low cost of production, GEM can manufacture large number of components at the most competitive prices.


GEM engages in a comprehensive range of research and development activities to extend its technological expertise and support new product development. Each new product launched by GEM, as listed under “Products & Services”, has taken the industry by storm.

We remain committed to meeting the challenges of the future, creating products of lasting value through a clear and comprehensive grasp of the underlying technologies.

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