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Novatex High Capacity Sorter

Novatex Gyratory Vibrating Screen unique technology is a high efficiency screening machine for separating materials according to particle size without product deterioration. The machine consist of top cover, screen frame, screen box, base and drive system. Screener designed and construction to meet specific requirement of Industry. Multi deck screeners produce several grades of products in one machine. This design is totally enclosed without dust pollution.

Salient Features / Technical Specifications

Main Features

Accurate Screening and separation with high production yields at the same time.

Totally — enclosed design with unitized screen frames, easy to assemble, clean and maintenance.

Automatic screen cleaning device- bouncing balls prevent the screen surface from blinding.

Smooth operation, low noise, environmental protection.

Combining with circle, ellipse, straight three modes of motion, with high screening efficiency.

Hanging structure, also can be customized to be reinforced base type.

Convenient and rapid to change the screen mesh.



“Super performance to get the desired separation, reducing cost, saving in manpower, easy to maintenance, long life and trouble free operation”.


Working Principle

Novatex Gyratory Reciprocating Motion gives a Combination of actions to the material as it passes along the screen surface. It begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed end, gradually changes to elliptical motion at the center, and finally to a straight-line motion at the discharge end, keeping the materials contact with the screen surface without deterioration.


Mesh Cleaning Balls

The Bouncing balls keep preventing the screen surface and screening opening clear.

No. of Deck Model Screen surface size in mm Fedding size (mm) Power
1 TO 5 NT 1236 1200 mm width X 3600 mm length

Screening Area 4.32m2

≤10 mm 7.5 HP / 10 HP

Rotated Speed-1450 rpm

Voltage – 3 Phase, 440V, 50Hz

** Machine Construction Heavy duty Carbon Steel and also available Stainless Steel AISI 304/ 316 accordingly required by customer.***



  • All components are easily accessible and removable for ease of disassembly and cleaning No vertical vibration, longer life span of mesh
  • Every layer is installed an anti- blocking and cleaning facility and able to clean mesh while sieving.
  • Exterior is designed for easy cleaning, Exterior permanent joints are either welded continuously, or strip welded and filled with epoxy.
  • Lower headroom permits operation in confined areas, reducing cost of building and maintenance.
  • Less Conveying equipment is required for elevating material to the feed point.
  • Greater product yields at higher production rates.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High Screening efficiency and more output
  • Create Low noise pollution


Application Scope

Novatex Screeners are suitable for the followings Application Areas:

Food Processing – Desiccated Coconut, Tea, Sugar, Salt, Flour, milk powder, Coffee, Grains, Cereals, Rice, Nuts, Spices, Cornstarch

Carbon Products – Coke, Graphite, Charcoal

Chemical Compounds, clay

Fertilizer – Ammonium nitrate, phosphates, potash, Urea etc.

Minerals – Sand, roofing granules, Lime stone, Soda ash, etc.

Paper pulp chips, Plastic pellet, steel shot

Pharmaceutical Products

Powder Metals – Aluminum, Copper iron, Nickel, Steel, Zinc, etc.

Recycling – Recycling centers, PET plastic, Dry wall Scrap, Ground rubber.

Hard – Glass beads, Crushed Slag, Aluminum Oxide, Sand and other abrasive materials and any other fine materials.


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