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Vibratory Green Leaf Sifter

Vibratory Green Leaf Sifter made of angular frame with Stainless Steel perforated sheet mounted on channel frame and Teflon springs complete with 1.5 HP/ 960 rpm motor (for feeding Withering Machine and also feeding for Rotor vane).

Salient Features / Technical Specifications

Technical Data:

Length: 3000 mm x 1000 mm.
Drive: 1.5 HP / 960 rpm motor and starter.
Capacity: 6000 Kgs green leaf / hour.

Advantages of Green Leaf Sifter

• For better pre-conditioning of the withered leaf, for quality control and for optimization of the CTC output.
• Constant mechanized feed to the Rotor vane and subsequently to the cutting rollers.
• Efficiently separates unwanted foreign materials and dust particles from the withered leaf before it goes for processing in the Rotor vane.
• Also separates any metal particles that could pass through with the help of a powerful magnet bar fitted across the width of it.
• The height and angle of the magnet bar can be adjusted as per requirement.

The Green Leaf sifter is designed to operate on the principle of vector movement where by the green leaf withered leaf moves forwarded by means of the combined vertical & forward thrust of the AISI 304SS bed.
The machine has a series of perforated plates along its length to extract sand, small stones, twigs etc., before feeding into the following equipment in the process line. The machine improves the feed characteristics of the subsequent processing through the disintegration of lumps and effective reduction of the level of contaminants in the tea substrate.

GEM Green Leaf Sifter has stainless steel body with steel framework. Special fibre glass spring flats provide support to the feeding bay. The machine is driven with the help of a heavy-duty eccentric crank shaft and drive mechanism which propels the leaf forward. To counter the eccentric movement of the feeding tray and to minimize the vibration, another tray is providing to balance the weight of the of the feeding tray. A 1500 gauss powerful magnet bar is properly positioned and fitted to attract metal particles. A discharge lever is provided which controls the discharge of the withered leaf into the Rotor vane.

Vibratory Green Leaf SifterGreen Leaf Sifter
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