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Continuous Physical Withering (CPW)

Salient Features / Technical Specifications

Technical specifications:                                             

All Contact Parts material of Construction :- Food Grade Stainless Steel AISI 304/Food grade PVC Belt / Food grade perforated Mesh Belt.


Salient Features:

Three sets of main drive & driven rollers with perforated mesh belt and tensioning arrangement.

Frequency drives on all 3 circuits to adjust retention time of teas within the CPW.

PES Mesh belt with tracking profile on all 3 circuits.

Feed conveyor with spreader full width 3 mtr that will spread the leaf full width before it enters the top circuit of the CPW belt.

Specially designed ‘Kicker’ at the entry point of top circuit that will assist in opening up the leaf before it starts travel within the equipment.

Top plenum chamber is fully insulated & has air distribution plates for consistent pressure build up.

Two axial flow fans of high SP to ensure proper air flow into the equipment and also to guarantee exit of humid moist air out of the machine.

Heat Exchanger / Radiator to be made from CS tubes and Aluminium Fins to ensure maximum thermal efficiency & minimum pressure loss across the radiator.

Central console that will provide all key operational parameters

Adequate steam controlling mechanism will be provided using Spirax PID controller and control valve.

Inspection windows positioned at every alternate panel on the equipment on all 3 circuits to monitor leaf conditions within the equipment.

At the CPW stage, we maintain that maximum process hot air temperature will 40 deg C and we propose that minimum 3 hrs residence time be given to the leaf for gradual removal of moisture, for CTC manufacturing. This system will ensure best quality of withers.

(Time for moisture reduction in Orthodox CPW to be 5 hours).

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