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Blending and Packing

Vertiblend Tower Blender

Available in the following Capacities per charge

Tea volume @ 200 cc /100 gms

  • 2 MT
  • 4 MT
  • 6 MT
  • 8 MT
  • Capacity customised as per requirement


Vertiblend Tower Blending Sequence

STAGE – 1 :

  1. Door in closed condition.
  2. Teas are spread / layered equally into all eight chambers.
  3. The blending starts from this stage.



  1. Opposite Doors are opened by geared drive in automated sequence of 1 & 5, 2 & 6, 3 & 7, 4 & 8.
  2. While the opposite doors are opening the teas on the top start rolling downwards due to gravitational force and also bringing down the teas below.
  3. The inverted cone and bathes at level-2 do not allow the teas to spread out and control the drop. The teas settle down blended.
  4. Once all the tea from the chambers are discharged, the doors shut automatically and the next cycle of feeding begins. Thereafter, the blending cycle is continuous.



  1. The Discharge valve is now opened and the blended teas flow through the discharge chute.
  2. The blended teas are collected in hoppers or bags etc.


Tea Cleaning Line for Removing Impurities

• Grid / Bar & Drum Magnet – Iron Filings / Ferrous Particles

• Fibre Roller – Floating Fibre / Fluff

• Sifter – Over Sized Particles / Paper / String / Dust etc.

• Pneumatic Destoner – Sand / Stones / Heavy Particles, etc.

• Metal Detector – Ferrous / Non ferrous Metals

• Aspiration System – Fine Dust / Fluff


Drum Blender

Available in the following Capacities per charge

Tea volume @ 200 cc / 100 gms

• 50 kgs

• 100 kgs

• 250 kgs

• 500 kgs

• 1000 kgs

• 2000 kgs

• 2500 kgs

• Capacity customised as per requirement


Other Blenders

• Double Cone Blender

• Bin Blender

• Ribbon Paddle Blender

• V-Blender


Z Bucket Elevator

  • Tubular design
  • combines vertical and horizontal transportation
  • Heavy duty operation
  • Suited for a broad range of bulk products requiring gentle handling
  • No alteration of product during transport
  • Stainless steel bucket
  • Variable speed
  • Conveniently located inspection windows

Salient Features / Technical Specifications

Bag Filling System (Net Weigher)

Sequence of Operation

The filling sequence starts after the operator clamps the bag & a START input from via push button on the controller or foot switch. The controller automatically tares the gross weight to obtain a Net weight of zero. The material is then fed into the bag, a twin speed screw feeder controls the rate at which it is fed. The controller compares the actual weight with the target weight settings, when the Main/Coarse feed setting is reached the main feeder is switched to Fine feed & feeding continues in the Fine/Dribble feed mode. The material is fed in the fine feed mode until the Final Weight minus In-Flight value is reached, after which the Fine feeder is stopped. Once the feeding is stopped a settling time (adjustable time, varies from 500ms to 1 sec) is given after which the end of batch is signaled, automatically the Totalizer and Bag Counter is updated. A pneumatically actuated consolidation mechanism is used to consolidate the product in the bag.


Safety Features & Interlocks

1. Sensor is provided to ensure that the bag is clamped.

2. Screw Feeder is interlocked through the bag sensor; ensure material will be discharged only if the bag is clamped.

3. Double acting solenoids for bag clamping ensure that in case of power failure the bag remains clamped in its position.


User Friendly Features

1. No operator adjustments are necessary when changing to different capacities, soft touch keys on the controller select recipes.

2. Auto-In-flight correction and auto tare facilities are incorporated to maintain accuracy and to avoid frequent adjustments ensuring hassle free operations.


Controller Specification

The controller is equipped with a powerful CPU including integrated digital I/O’s.

Strain Gauge module with 24-bit ADC.

The controller is equipped with Operator panel, which helps visualization of tasks. Communication interface Ethernet is provided. These controllers are tested and certified to perform in harsh industrial environment including excessive shock, high temperature and continuous operation.


Technical Data

Display: Colour HMI with Touch Screen

Digital Inputs: 12

Digital Outputs: 12

Strain Gauge Module: 1

Interfaces : Ethernet

Protection Category : IP65


Load Cell Specifications

Sensitivity: 2mV/V

Rated Excitation: 10VAC or DC

Max. Excitation: 15VAC or DC

Bridge Resistance: 350 Ohms

Insulation Resistance : 1000Meg Ohms

Zero Balance: +/- 0.1mV

Non-Linearity: <0.025% of FS

Hysterisis: <0.020% FS

Non-Repeatability: <0.010% FS

Creep (30min at Nom Load) : <0.020% FS

Operating Temperature: -20Deg C  to  70Deg C

Safe Overload: 150%

Ultimate Overload: 300%

MOC: Stainless Steel

Protection Class: IP68


Equipment Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine
 Process Design Information
Material to be handled Dry Coconut Powder
Bulk density of material 350 Kgs/m3
Is material free flowing No
Is material abrasive/Corrosive No/No
Capacity 1 – 2 BPM
Particle size **TBC
Weighing Range 25 – 50 kg/bag
Inlet Temperature **TBC Deg.C
Type of Bags Open
Accuracy +/-75g or better of the bag weight
 Feeder Details
Type of Bagging Machine Electro Pneumatics
Type of Load Cells Bending Beam
Feeder Twin Speed Screw Feeder S.S
Shut Off Valve Pneumatically actuated gate
Type of Panel Dust & Vermin proof, IP 56
 Material of Construction
Hopper S.S
Ducts & Valve S.S
Supports M.S Powder Coated
Bellows Nylon Fabric
Gaskets Food Grade Rubber
Other Information
Electrical supply 440V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.
System control supply voltage 24V DC.
Air Supply 110 – 150 lpm 6 kg/cm2

Procurement Information

GA and foundation drawing will be provided and Supervision during commissioning of the system


  ** TBC – To Be Confirmed


Scope of Supply per system

  1. Electronic controller to control the entire filling sequence in automatic mode.
  2. Twin Speed Screw Feeder with VFD to control Main & Dribble Feed to maintain speed & accuracy of the system.
  3. Foot Switch / Limit Switch operated dust tight pneumatic bag clamping arrangement mounted on 3 Load Cells.
  4. Main control panel to house the controller & electrical accessories.
  5. Operator pendent with push buttons & Emergency Off.
  6. In-feed surge hopper (~50 Litres).
  7. Machine junction box & Load Cell junction box IP56.
  8. Air filter unit with gauge.
  9. Support structure with operator platform.
  10. Dust extraction outlets.



  1. Pneumatics is of Festo Make.
  2. Panel would be of IP56 Protection Rittal make.
  3. Structure would be Powder coated.
  4. All switchgear items will be of Schneider make.
  5. Load Cells will be of Thames Side.
  6. MOC – SS 304
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