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Conveyorization and Automation

Product Overview

This is the age of Automation. By Introducing conveyorization in Tea Industry we have cut down the production overhead. The process has been now upgraded from manual to automation. It is being widely used in countries like Kenya and the client feedback is overwhelming. The above photo is showing Orthodox Tea on a conveyor


Economical price, low maintenance cost, quick payback quality, simplicity in operation and easy relocation. Moreover, we also offer monorail weighing systems. It helps in saving manpower and increasing productivity, and can be used for functions like:

  • Transferring green leaves from trailer unloading zone to trough house
  • Carrying withered leaves from trough house to rolling tables/ctc
  • Transporting fermented leaves from fermenting room to driers
  • Helping continuous fermenting of leaf on conveyors along with variable speed drive
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