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Jet Tube Dryer / Nozzle Dryer

General Details

Jet Tube Dryer- It is such a technology as to make the heat exchange between the product and the hot air quickly and uniformly by jetting out the hot air at a very high speed onto the product from the tip of vertical long tubes (Jet-Tube Technology) which are placed regularly in the oven.

This Jet-Tube Technology realizes an excellent and unparalleled heat exchange, and enables a heat processing with a very high accuracy in a much shorter time.

Fluid Bed System

(For Drying, Toasting, Puffing, Roasting, Cooling)

In this fluidized bed system, the high velocity air (30~50m/sec) jetted out from many long tubes placed above the product bed on the conveyor creates a buffer zone, floats the product on the conveyor and stirs (fluidization). This realizes a maximum heat transfer /heat exchange.

The contact surface with the processing air of individual grains, pellets or parted products separated and fluidized is much bigger and the processing time is drastically reduced. As the air is uniformly jetted from all Jet-Tubes placed regularly, a heat processing with an extremely high uniformity is realized.

Reduction in processing time

Greater heat transfer leads to faster processing time. Gem’s Nozzle Dry Impingement Oven is the optimal solution for rapid and uniform baking, roasting, toasting, cooking, curing, drying and cooling. Impingement processing is ideal for many bakery applications as well as snacks, vegetables, refried beans, tobacco and other industrial products. In the fiber industry, impinge-ment processing offers high drying and finishing efficiency for coated and non-permeable (nanofiber-based) webs.

During impingement processing, the boundary layer around the product is broken through high velocity air impinging upon the surface. This process increases the heat and mass transfer rate, and allows efficient removal of moisture, baking, curing, toasting and roasting. Nozzle Dry Impingement Ovens reduce processing time significantly when compared to lower velocity convection or through-air systems.

Innovative air delivery system for high product quality. Impingement air jets across the entire internal area means that air delivery is consistent for all product on the conveyor bed, eliminating oven “edge effect”. Controlled air and temperatures improve operating efficiency while discharging product of consistently high quality.

Sanitary design features ensure clean, safe operation. The design of the impingement oven reduces collection points to a minimum and provides full access to internal areas, allowing for thorough cleaning and safe operation.


Jet Tube Dryers are widely used in manufacturing of Soap, Sugar, Sand, Starch, Synthetic rubber, Toasted Biscuits, Egg Products, Cereals, Clay, Coconut Products, Coffee Plants, Glass Beads Manufacturing, Processed foods, Silica Gel, Snacks and Chips, etc

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