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Continuous Chemical Withering – Tray Type

Continuous Chemical Withering (Tray Type)

Technical Specification:                                               

Green Leaf Holding Capacity – Minimum 5000 to maximum 40,000 kgs on a single tank.

Over all dimension – will vary depending upon the capacity of the equipment selection.

All Contact Parts material of Construction: Food Grade Stainless Steel.


Salient Features:

The conveying surface is made of food grade perforated SS.

The feeding of leaf into the CCW tank is using a full width feeding conveyor.

The system will guarantee that there is no temperature build-up during the chemical withering stage. This is ensured by blowing humidified air at 85 to 90% RH through the leaf stack height. (Humidification technology is a special feature which is supplied at extra cost).

The equipment is supplied with specially designed double impeller fans (two impellers on a single shaft motor) of high. This is a unique arrangement to ensure the aeration is consistent up to a stack height of 1.8 mtrs. We guarantee the exit velocity of air through the leaf stack height at top to be 12 ft / minute.

Equipment is supplied with Humidity & Temperature Sensors positioned at various intervals to monitor leaf temperature, air temperature and RH conditions.

We guarantee ‘zero-level bruising of leaf’ during the feeding of leaf in the CCW, since the raw material is evenly fed through appropriately designed conveyors.

Further, we have provided a unique doffer system for discharge of leaf from the CCW. This will ensure zero bruising of leaf, thereby, retaining the leaf in its original texture and form – before it moves into the physical withering stage.

Variable Frequency Drive on the drive to increase / decrease linear speeds to adjust loading and unloading rates of green leaf input into the tank.

The central console is positioned on top of the cat-walk for easy access & supervision of leaf, while operating the equipment. The cat-walk is also part of supplier’s scope.

All contact parts with the leaf is made of Stainless Steel 1.5 mm thick, AISI 304 grade. This includes side panels, bottom panels, partition panels, end panels.

All MS steel framework will be finished with food grade quality epoxy paint system. In our CCW, there is NO wetting of leaf. Gem is the 1st company in the industry to introduce humidification system in the CCW.