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Band Dryer

Band Drier – The iconic solution to your Drying concerns

The demand for dried food products that have the same high quality and authenticity as their fresh counterparts is ever-increasing. The GEM Apron Band Dryer achieves this quality while minimizing production costs and environmental footprint.

The Band Dryer is the typical continuous convection heat transfer type of dryer, which has been improved and modified over many years. This is a hot air type of dryer, where the materials are placed on a band conveyor (steel or perforated plate, etc.) and are dried by hot air as they move through the drying chamber. In general, the band dryer forcibly passes hot air through the gaps in the material layers to dry the material.


  • Multiple air reversals create ideal conditions for complete uniformity in the final dried product. Capacity upto 1600 Kgs / hr of finished product.
  • A highly efficient air circulation system is used to re-circulate heated air up or down through the materials being dried.
  • Multi zone temperature controls provide the ability to lower air temperature as the product dries. This prevents overheating and case hardening of the product and therefore helps to maintain product quality.

Features & Benefits of Band Dryer

  • Uniformity: Multiple airflow direction changes enable the optimized drying characteristics required to achieve complete product uniformity and quality.
  • Control: A highly efficient air circulation system to recirculate heated air up or down through the product on the band. Controlled amount of moist air is extracted to remove evaporative water at the optimum rate.
  • Cost-effective: Turbine-type fans specially designed for minimal power consumption, complete with variable speed drives controlled from PLC.
  • Minimal Heat Loss: Highly efficient insulation throughout the drying chamber to minimize heat loss and maximize efficiency.
  • Recovery: Heat recovery systems can be supplied to re-utilize exhaust heat and either return it to the dryer or provide heat energy for other process equipment.
  • Zoning: Independent multi-zone temperature controls to enable an optimized drying profile for each product. This prevents overheating and case hardening of the product and therefore helps to maintain product quality.
  • Thorough: Transfer zones carefully engineered and positioned to suit the product(s) being dried, designed to minimize sticking, agglomeration, and product breakage.

Band Dryers are widely used in the following industries

Natural and Synthetic Fibers | Clays |  Synthetic Rubber | Fertilizers | Charcoal Briquettes | Starch | Catalysts Animal Feed | Soap | Cereal | Glue | Rice | Silica Gel | Potatoes | Calcium Carbonate | Titanium Dioxide | Onion | Cereal Biscuits | Egg Products | Toasted Bread Products | Prepared Foods | Prebaked Pizza Crust | Potato Roasting | Snack Chips | Vegetable Roasting | Coffee | Sugar | Flour |  Cornstarch | Coke | Graphite | Pharmaceutical etc.

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Create unique textures and appetizing results. Meet every demand of the specialty pet food market with our specialised systems.
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