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Supply of Boilers of various capacities from 500 kgs/hr to 8 TPH

Packaged Fully Wet Back Solid fuel fired, 10.54 kg/cm2g Smoke tube type Integral Furnace Boiler.

Salient Features / Technical Specifications

Our scope of supply includes following items:

A. Pressure Parts:

Boiler Shell Tube Plates Furnace Flue

Combustion Chamber Boiler Tubes

Stays (Tubes, Bars, Gussets) Mud door on tube plate

Man door

Stand Pipes for Stop, Feed check, Safety and Blowdown Valves

Stand pipes for gauge glass and level Controller


B. General Construction Parts :

Front casing with hinged door

Rear casing with removable doors

Flue gas outlet flange

Insulation and sheeting for boiler shell

Rear access door refractory

Support base frame


C. Mountings :

Safety Valves (2 nos.)

Main Stop Valve (1 no.)

Feed check Stop Valve (2 nos.)

Feed check NRV (2 nos.)

Blowdown Valve (1 no)

Water Gauge Glass (2 nos.)

Water level control (2 sets)

Pressure gauge (1 no.)

Auxiliary Valve (1 no.)

Inspector’s test connection (1 no.)


D. ID Fan

Induced draught fan with motor designed for flow & pressure drop suitable for the rated capacity. The fan is of NADI Air techniques in collaboration with Twin City USA.


E. Feed Pumps:

2 nos. electrically driven centrifugal multistage pump with motor, interconnected pipe-work between pumps and feed check valves. Make: Salmson, France.


F. Instruments and Control:

Main steam pressure gauge with siphon & cock. Automatic Mobrey Controls for drum water level control, Pressure control switch for automatic ON/OFF of Boiler. All switch gears, relay, and connectors.

Audio / visual alarm in case of unsafe operation.

Boiler Mounted Control panel housing above instruments and switch gears.


G. General Items:

Paint as per Forbes Marshall standard (Forbes Blue) Operation and maintenance instructions.

Pressure gauge tubing. Foundation / anchor bolts. Lifting frame / lugs for the boiler.


Additional Items

1) Steam Radiator

2) Steam Fittings

GEM offers the top guided globe valve to meet the wide range of automated process control applications. The product features a single – ported design configuration, which permits numerous trims, actuation and instrumentations solutions. Rugged top guiding of the plug ensure maximum valve stability under the most adverse conditions.



i)  High Flow capacity

ii)  Excellent flow control rangeability

iii)  Tight shutoff

iv)  Designed and tested to deliver 100% performance under specified operating conditions.


Scope of Supply to include

Piston Valve

Seatless and Glandless Piston Valve; Body : Forged CS ; Internals ( Piston & Bush) : Stainless Steel ;  End Connection : Flanged;  Class : ASA150 ;  SS reinforced Graphite Sealing Rings;  NIBR

Twin Orifice S team Trap

Twin Orifice Ball Float Steam Trap; SGI Body; Flanged ASA300#; NIBR


3) Feed water tank, Steam header, Fittings and pipe and lagging

Main steam stove

1 No. Safety Valve

2 Nos Air Vent Valve

1 No. Blow down Valve

1 No. Feed Check Valve

2 Nos Pressure Gauge with isolating valve

1 No. Water Level Gauge

2 Sets Isolation valve for Morbrey

2 Nos Drain Valve for Mobrey

1 No. Isolation valve for pressure switch

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