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Auto Milling Machine

GEM Automatic Milling Machine

Auto Milling Machine complete in all respects, including specially designed slides over saddle and cross slide with rolling contact, heavy-duty lead screw, 10″ dia 3-jaw self-centering chuck, milling head, auto-indexing arrangement, three roller support, multiple headstock spindle speeds, quick carriage return, 1 No. electric coolant pump & coolant tank, adjustable limit sensors, 1 No. each 1 HP & 2 HP motors for cutter spindle and headstock drive, a set of tools, etc. as per our standard design and specifications capable of milling CTC rollers of up to 13″ dia. The machine is supplied with a Linear Guide for accuracy & smooth sliding and a suitable control panel for easy operation.

Salient Features of Auto Milling Machine

  • Cross saddle speed movement achieved by adjustable variable frequency drive provided in the machine.
  • Cutter engaging & disengaging will be done by synchronous motor & accurately positioned proximity sensor.
  • An auto-indexing arrangement will control the indexing of each helical groove.
  • The coolant system automatically provides coolant at the time of operation.
  • LED display unit will show counting of the number of helical grooves completed.
  • Saddle & Cross Slide movement will be on chrome-plated hardened linear guides.
  • Zero backlashes lead screws for smooth appropriate movement for each helical groove cutting operation.
  • Head Stock with Assey- Specially designed headstock with indexing head assembly and mechanical actuator. Steady headstock with phosphorus bronze warm wheel.
  • Digital position indicator- It indicates the displacement of the mechanism controlled by the spindle from the start position.
  • Linear Guide- Installation to Achieve High Accuracy and Rigidity


  • Cross slide, saddle moves on linear guide ensures quality and precision cutting operation.
  • Main lead screw for Saddle placed at an appropriate location to avoid cutting metal chips fall & damage the lead screw nut.
  • Auto lubrication systems ensure less wear & tear for precision components.
  • Low power consumption & less production time provide less operation cost.
  • Even a semi-skilled operator can efficiently use this equipment.

Technical Specification of Auto Milling Machine

Overall Dimension Description





Centre height

Width of bed

Length of Bed

Swing over Cross

SL Slide (dia)

Spindle dia

Actual Size


3050 mm

1355 mm

1595 mm

1120 mm

518 mm

1120 mm

484 mm


111 mm

Sharpening Specification Chasing cuter -1” (W)

CTC roller length size

CTC roller Diameters

6,8,10, TPI

52″ Maximum


Speed & Feed Head Stock – Range 9-12 RPM
Power Requirement Longitudinal Travel

Cross Travel

Head Stock

Coolant Pump

Torque- 60 kg – cm


5 HP

0.13 HP


Dial Indicator with magnetic stand

Roller Holding Collar for 3-wheel support

Travelling Inspection Lamp

Replaceable slide rails


Hard chromed test bar






4 jaw SIZE 16”


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