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The specially designed GEM VIBROSORTER is circular gyrator equipment that can simultaneously sort up eight grades of tea. It is a versatile sorting machine that can be installed in any sorting room of a tea factory. It replaces the conventional type sorting machine as it has various advantages over the standard sorting machine. With its eccentric weights, Vibratory Motor is tightly mounted on a steel fabricated table or the Motor Base. GEM VIBROSORTER is fitted with circular multi-deck screens of different meshes mounted on decks conveniently placed one above the other.


The Screen on the Screen Rings is securely and firmly fitted with the help of a unique adhesive. Bolt-less Rings can also be used to prevent the loss of bloom.

Funnel (optional): To increase the residence time and facilitate better sorting, additions I tunnels can be used to ensure the discharge of material onto each screen’s center. This gives the tea at each level sufficient time to move towards the periphery, thus a flowing better sorting before getting discharged through the tangential outlet created on the screen deck.

Salient Features of Vibrosorter

  • Low Power requirement
  • Low operating cost
  • No transmitted vibration
  • High capacity, minimum space
  • Minimum screen blinding
  • Longer Screen Life
  • Grades sorted efficiently into perfect sizes
  • Re-sorting not necessary
  • Ensures the continuous flow of production
  • Easily accessible opening for cleaning and inspection for all the decks without dismantling
  • Screening decks and frames are interchangeable
  • No loss of bloom
  • Nearly early maintenance-free
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