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Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh Belt Feeders are used to feed bulk solids at a controlled rate into the process. Rugged design makes them ideally suited for use under adverse conditions. As the product is fed onto the synchronous speed weigh belt, the weight of this material is instantaneously sensed and transmitted to the feeder’s controller. In turn, the controller modulates the variable speed drive of the feeder to maintain the precise feed rate as selected. A closed loop PID control system ensures precise control over the rate of flow of material. The system consists of a Control Panel, Load Cells, and an AC motor with gearbox.

Salient Features / Technical Specifications


  • Accuracy: ±0.5% or better.
  • Output Capacity: 2.7 TPH continuous.
  • Controls: Weigh Belt Feeders utilizes multiprocessor controllers with inbuilt PID’s, specifically developed to provide unparalleled weigh feeder performance.
  • Volumetric Mode of Operation: Weigh Belt Feeders are equipped with a manual mode of operation whereby the unit may be operated strictly as a volumetric feeder if ever required. The weigh belt, in volumetric operation, is used for conveying purposes only.

Controller specifications:                                         

The controller is equipped with a powerful CPU including integrated digital I/O’s.

Strain Gauge module with 24-bit ADC.

The controller is equipped with Operator panel, which helps visualization of tasks.

Communication interfaces such as Ethernet or RS232 also provided. These controllers are tested and certified to perform in harsh industrial environment including excessive shock, high temperature and continuous operation.

The Unit provides the following output:                             

  1. 4-20mA current output corresponding to the measured rate.
  2. P.F contacts for totalizer output, Panel Healthy, Panel Fault.
  3. LED indications are provided for Belt On, Totalizer Output, and Over Load.
  4. Provision for sensor inputs for Belt Sway and Material Starvation is provided.

Displayed Parameters:                  

  1. Belt load in Kg/meter.
  2. Belt speed in Meters/min.
  3. Measured rate in Tonnes/hr.
  4. Totalized quantity in Tonnes.

General specifications:

WBF – TEA (Green or Withered leaf)

Conveyor Type Belt, ~ 2250mm, Endless
Weighing Idler Weighing System
Belt 3 ply
Drive Direct Shaft Drive
Product Tea leaves
Bulk Density 180 kg/m3 ** TBA
Design Capacity (TPH) 3 TPH
Grain Size **TBA
Moisture 80 to 82% Wet basis
Feeder Length in mm 2250
Width in mm ~ 800 mm to 1000 mm
Motor Type AC Motor Gear Box Unit
Make ABB/Bonfiglioli
Supply Voltage 3 phase, 415V, 50 Hz
Power Rating (kW) ~ 1.5kW
  1. N.B. **TBA – To Be Advised

Controller specifications:                                           

The controller used is equipped with a powerful PCC CPU including integrated digital I/O modules. The load-cell module is a plug-in module with 24-bit ADC.

Technical Data:

Display: Colour HMI

Digital Inputs: 12

Digital Outputs: 12

Strain Gauge Modules: 1

Interfaces: Ethernet

Protection Category: IP65

Encoder specifications (Technical Data):                                                              

Pulse Count (ppr): Max. 2500

Output Type: Push-pull, Incremental

Operating Voltage: 4.75 to 30 VDC

No Load Supply Current: Max. 80mA

Operating Current: Max. per channel 40mA, short circuit proof

Rise Time: 250 ns

Protection Degree: IP 50

Shock resistance: DIN EN 60068-2-27, 100g, 3ms

Vibration resistance: DIN EN 60068-2-6, 10g, 10-2000Hz

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Mechanical specifications:

Housing Material: Aluminium, Powder Coated

Flange: Aluminium 3.1645

Shaft: SS 1.4305

Mass: (Approx.) 220gms

Rotational Speed: Max. 10000 per minute

Moment of Inertia: < 5gcm2

Starting Torque: < 1.5Ncm

Shaft Load: Axial – 30N, Radial – 50N

Load Cell specifications:

Sensitivity: 2mV/V

Rated Excitation: 10VAC or DC

Max. Excitation: 15VAC or DC

Bridge Resistance: 350 Ohms

Insulation Resistance: 1000Meg Ohms

Zero Balance: +/- 0.1mV

Non-Linearity: <0.025% of FS

Hysterisis: <0.020% FS

Non-Repeatability: <0.010% FS

Creep (30min at Nom Load): <0.020% FS

Operating Temperature: -20Deg C to 70Deg C

Safe Overload: 150%

Ultimate Overload: 300%

Protection Class: IP68

MOC: Stainless Steel

Optical Signal Isolator

Technical Data – Current Repeater/Driver Dual Channel Isolator:             

The current repeater is a fully floating isolator for standard 4-20 mA instruments. Each channel works as a DC isolator with the inputs galvanically isolated from the outputs. Typical applications include driving I/P converters and isolating 2-wire transmitters. Power Supply Loop powered (not intrinsically safe).

Nominal voltage 12-35 VDC
Input voltage (Vin) 10-35 VDC
Input current (Uin) 4-20 mA

Output voltage:

10 V < Vin < 26.1 V 0.9 x Vin – (0.23 x current in mA) – 0.7

Vin > 26.1 V 23 V – (0.23 x current in mA)

Output current: 4-20 mA

Short circuit current ≤ 65 mA @ Vin>26.1 V

Transfer characteristics:                                           

Calibrated accuracy ±20 μA for 1 kΩ load @ 20ºC (includes linearity and hysteresis)

Temperature drift ≤ 2 μA / ºC

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