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Microwave Food Drying Machine


Microwave food drying machine is suitable for drying various kinds of food. The dryer adopts microwave to dry food, having a uniform drying effect and rapid drying speed, meanwhile having sterilization function. The food processed by the microwave dryer can keep its original flavour and nutritional components, and the shelf life is prolonged. Besides, the industrial food dryer also has a puffing effect, the processed food has a good taste. Microwave dryer is customized according to your conditions.

Microwave Food Dryer Machine Structural Features

Microwave food drying machine is composed of automatic temperature control system, microwave power density controlling system, automatic correction system, automatic alarm system monitoring system, variable frequency speed control system, monitoring system, and material control system.

  1. Adopt automatic temperature control device, ensuring proper drying temperature.
  2. Adopt variable frequency regulating technology to control the conveying speed, ensuring the quality of product.
  3. Adopt advanced automatic correction system, avoiding the deflection of the conveyor belt.
  4. The power of the equipment is adjustable in sections, which can optimize the production process. Customers can adjust the power according to their capacity achieving aim of saving .
microwave dryer machine

Advantages of Microwave Drying and Sterilization

  1. Microwave can penetrate through the food, affecting its inside and outside simultaneously, rapid drying speed, short drying time, uniform heating, good product quality.
  2. Thermal effect and non-thermal effect work together to sterilization, having the features of low temperature and short speed. The flavour and nutritional components of food are retained to the maximum.
  3. The microwave works directly on the food, there is almost no other heat loss, high thermal efficiency, saving 1/3 energy comparing with far-infrared heating.
  4. Small land occupation, saving labour. No heat radiation, the working conditions are greatly improved.
  5. Realizing immediate heating and stop by adjusting the microwave power, no thermal inertia, easy to control, convenient for automatic and continuous production.
microwave dryer machine

Working Principle of Microwave Food Dryer Machine

Microwave is a kind of high-frequency electromagnetic wave. Under the effect of the electromagnetic field, the orientation of polar molecules in the materials changes with hypervelocity, causing the violent movement and mutual friction of molecules. Heat is produced and makes the temperature of the food rises rapidly, the moisture is evaporated, achieving the aim of drying.

Microwave sterilization is achieved by thermal effect and non-thermal effect, having the features of low temperature and short time. While the convention method requires sterilization temperature of 120℃-130℃ and the time is around one hour, microwave sterilization just requires 70℃-90℃ and the time is about 3 minutes.

Application of Microwave Food Dryer Machine

Microwave drying machine is suitable for drying various kinds of food. We can customize the dryer machine according to
your raw materials:

  • Various nuts: peanut, sunflower seeds, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, etc.
  • Various preserved fruit: honey date, etc.
  • Various meat: shrimp, fish, beef, etc.
  • Secondary drying of various mushrooms.
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