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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Equipment

General Details

Mastering processes is something that comes easily to us. Years of providing equipment and services to the Fruits and Vegetable Processing has put us in leadership position in the industry. Leadership that comes from providing the customer one single comprehensive solution that delivers results right from day one. Leadership that draws its standing from the responsibility of providing everything from A to Z design, engineering and supply of equipment and plants on a turnkey basis. No wonder, most leading processors in the food industry trust us with their plant design, equipment manufacture, erection and commissioning.

Our Speciality

Precision is our speciality. Every single piece of Fruits and Vegetable Processing Equipment is engineered to close tolerances so that not only does the equipment work flawlessly but it functions with the highest degree of efficiency. Our precision engineering is not of an accidental nature but by design. Right from the conceptual stage to design, procurement of the right raw material, engineering it, putting it through torturous tests and finally commissioning it, the underlying word is preciseness. That finally translates for the customer huge efficiencies, negligible downtime, easy maintenance and functional reliability of a high order.

Range of Fruits and Vegetable Processing Equipment

  • Fruit and vegetable washer
  • Elevator
  • De-stonner / Pulper / Finisher
  • Hot Break System / Pre-Heater
  • Juice Extractor
  • Tanks / kettles / blender
  • Vacuum pan conc. / evaporated system
  • Deaeration System
  • Pasteurization System
  • Fruit and Vegetable Peeler
  • Blancher/Cooler
  • Steriliser / Retort / Exhauster
  • Dehydration Equipment
  • Material Handling / Conveying System
  • Canning / Bottling Lines

Range of Projects

  • Processing of mango, tomato, guava, papaya etc.
  • Pineapple / Potato processing
  • Vegetable handling line
  • Waxing / Grading and Drying of Fruits
  • Dehydration of Fruits and vegetables
  • Green Peas / Mushroom Processing
  • Ready to serve manufacturing and packaging
  • Jam / Sauces / Ketchup / Pickles manufacturing and packaging.
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