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Green Tea Machinery


Steamer for Green Tea

The special features of the steamer is that barrel could be lowered at the discharge end, the rotor and the barrel speeds could be altered to adjust the retention time. Further, impurities such as sand particles etc. could be removed by the mesh barrel.


Cooler for Green Tea

The cooler has a stainless steel mesh in two steps to provide better cooling. The machine has two pedal type full width fans above the mesh and a separate blower fan at the discharge end.

Green Leaf Enzyme In-Activation Machine

  • Continuous Roasting of Green Tea Leaves by heating form  bottom outer surface.
  • In Built Heater.
    Suitable for Wood, Coal, Firing.
  • Capacity 150 Kgs to 550 Kgs Per Hour.

Rolling Table

Tea Roller

  • Rolling Machine is one of the dedicated machines require for primary process in manufacturing Orthodox Tea and Green Tea.
  • All contact parts of leaf is Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity 50 Kgs to 150 Kgs per hour.
Rolling Machine

Combination Dryer

Combination Type Tea Dryer for Green Tea

  • Stainless steel grid plates.
  • G.I / SS trays in the top circuit and bottom circuits.
  • High temperature resistant chain made of alloy steel with
    overload protection feature.
  • Full width feed conveyor.
  • Double-wall insulated chamber.
  • Floor mounted central electrical control panel.
  • Discharge valve Option either Pneumatic or Rotary.
  • Capacity 200 Kgs to 600 Kgs Per Hour.
Combination Dryer
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