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Dust Cleaning Machine


Dust cleaning machine widely used in bigger industries because fine impurities coming out from the product and during process can significantly reduce the quality of products made from materials such as pellets, granules, foreign particles, dust, fine industrial waste and other types of bulk solids. It also reduces the efficiency of the handling and processing systems used for these bulk solids and increase wear and tear on equipment.

Dust Cleaning Systems play an important role in cleaning these bulk solid materials/ impurities from these fine impurities and provide several major production benefits and advantages including:

  • Decrease rejection rate
  • Increase market and production value
  • Improve efficiency of the handling systems
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime of handling systems
  • Improve the quality of final product
  • Provides a healthy workplace environment
  • Improve the work life of equipment

Considering all these aspects, it is very important to make the right choice while selecting a dust collector.


Dedusting is the industrial cleaning of bulk solids using some form of pneumatic (compressed air) process. Dedusting removes fine impurities, like dust and contaminants, from bulk solid materials such as:

  • Bulk pellets and granules
  • Regrind and waste materials
  • Sawn or cut solids
  • Continuous sheet materials
  • Powders, fibres, paper, particles, and other undesired materials smaller in size than the bulk granular material
  • Foreign particles

Applications of Dedusting Systems

Dedusting systems are often connected in line with material handling and processing systems, such as conveying, granulator and cutting systems. They are used by several major industries, including:

  • Plastics – separating paper, cleaning plastic pellets and regrind
  • Waste and recycling – separating of materials, filter cleaning
  • Pharmaceuticals – cleaning tablets and pills
  • Food – cleaning rice, corn, peanuts and coffee beans, tea impurities
  • Paper – dust and fibre removal from paper webs
  • Timber – remove sawdust on sawn boards, clean wood pellets
  • Mining – processing iron ore and special sands
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