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Spray Dryer


Spray dryer machine is special equipment that adopts spray drying to produce dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapid drying with a hot gas. Spray drying is the most economical method of evaporation to produce dried powders. In the market, powder spray drying machine is popular for powder drying processes. Compared to other types of drying machine, Azeus fruit powder spray dryer machine can dry materials quickly with high quality, low water activity for easier transportation and storage. Moreover, it can be widely used in the chemical industry, plastic resins, food industry, ceramics and so on.

Applications of Spray Dryer Machine

  1. In the food industry: fruit powder, milk powder, coffee, tea, eggs, cereals, spices and flovering etc.
  2. Pharmaceutical: antibiotics, medical ingredients, additives, and so on.
  3. Industrial: paint pigments, ceramic materials, catalyst supports.
Spray Dryer Manufacturer

Final Fruit Powder Products Made by Spray Dryer Machine

Spray Dryer Manufacturer

Working Principle of Spray Dryer Machine

After faltering and heating, the air is blown into air distributor that is on the top of the drying machine. The hot air in spiral form equably enters the drying chamber. At the same time, liquid raw materials pass through the high-speed centrifugal sprayer on the top of the machine, moreover, they are rotated and sprayed into the extreme slim mist liquid beads. So, the evenly and swirly distributed hot air completely contact with raw materials. In several seconds, the materials will be dried into a powder and discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower

Spray Dryer Manufacturer

Spotlight of Fruit Powder Dryer Machine

1. Drying speed is fast: due to the enlarged surface of the material, 95%-98% of water can be evaporated instantly in several seconds. It is more suitable for drying thermal sensitive materials to maintain colour, smell, and taste of raw materials.
2. High-quality Final products: Finished products featured with high-purity, good uniformity, good low capability, and solubility advantages.
3. Simple and stable operation, convenient to control and debug, easy to achieve automatic operation.
4. It is easy to replace the main parts and adjust the material staying time. Besides fruit powder, it is suitable for the chemical industry, plastic resins, food industry, ceramics and so on.
5. Suitable for large scale food powder drying production.

Main Parts of Powder Drying Machine

1.Feeding system

  • Feeding pump is to keep feeding smoothly
  • The atomizer is driven by motor directly with variable frequency control and imported bearings. The atomizer can make slurry vaporise continuously and evenly and enlarges the superficial area for heat exchange with hot air.
  • The induced draft fan can help remove water steam out.

2. Air processing system – It adopts primary filter and medium efficiency filter to ensure that the air used for drying is the clean and faltered air
3. Drying system – Drying chamber consists of hot air volume, hot air distributor, air disperser, inner tower body, outer tower body, tower frame, discharge pipe, thermal insulation material, observing and clean door, lamp hole and etc
4. Material collecting system – The first cyclone separator can collect 80% powder and the other 19.8% can be collected by the second cyclone separator. The total collecting rate can be up to 99%.
5. Electric controller – Start the motor stable.

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